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VGS Vehicle Glazing - The original Landyglass Land Rover Glass Panoramic Roof Tinting

Dot Mark Testing

Dot Mark Testing

Dot Mark testing is the most common tell for checking glazing on a vehicle is legal, this page will break down what each individual mark means.

Many glasses with the E1 mark in circle are manufactured in Germany. China and Turkey use this kite mark and are not E.U. approved or tested. We have provided the legal list is at bottom of this page.

A legal piece of automotive glass must have marking shown to the side. This is silk printed in white or black and glass by law must carry marks shown at the side. Beware, some toughened glass only carries the first 5 listed.

  • Glass manufacturer’s name - ours is Vidur on this glass
  • E9 in circle is the country glass was made E9 is Spain
  • 43R then number is the manufacturer’s licence number
  • Glass marks must be visible to read clearly
  • VGS mark so you can contact producer of glass
  • Dot AS3 mark is for rest of world USA, Canada, etc.
  • 15........ is the year glass was manufactured, this one is 2015!

An E.U. number on its own is not legal it must have all the first 4 markings to be legal.

In the E.U. the E code (with a capital ‘E’) is used for cars in European countries, and indicates the country that certified the windshield. It is a circle with the capital letter E followed by a number. The codes are assigned by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

E.U. Legal Codes

Code Country
E1 Germany
E2 France
E3 Italy
E4 Netherlands
E5 Sweden
E6 Belgium
E7 Hungary
E8 Czech Republic
E9 Spain
E10 Serbia [and Montenegro]
E11 United Kingdom
E12 Austria
E13 Luxembourg
E14 Switzerland
E16 Norway
E17 Finland
E18 Denmark
E19 Romania
E20 Poland
E21 Portugal
E22 Russia
E23 Greece
E24 Ireland
E25 Croatia
E26 Slovenia
E27 Slovakia
E28 Belarus
E29 Estonia
E31 Bosnia and Herzegovina
E32 Latvia
E34 Bulgaria
E36 Lithuania
E37 Turkey
E39 Azerbaijan
E40 Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
E42 Eurepean Community
E43 Japan
E45 Australia
E46 Ukraine
E47 South Africa
E48 New Zealand
E49 Cyprus
E50 Malta
E51 Republic of Korea
E52 Malaysia
E53 Thailand